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About us

Every woman is special, and her health needs are like no other. That’s why Srujan Maternity & Nursing Home is a trusted name in Pune, India for all women’s health needs.

Founded by Dr. Manisha Risbud and Dr. Neelesh Risbud in February 1995, Srujan Maternity & Nursing Home provides comprehensive care to patients across the region. With their expertise in obstetrics & gynecology, experienced specialists, and commitment to patient care, Srujan Maternity & Nursing Home has been leading the way for women’s health.

From prenatal care to childbirth to postnatal support, Srujan Maternity & Nursing Home strives to ensure that every woman receives the best quality of care tailored specifically to her individual. With advanced medical technology and a commitment to putting women’s health first, Srujan Maternity & Nursing Home is the premier place for all your obstetric and gynecology needs. Whether you’re expecting or just need routine care, Srujan Maternity & Nursing Home is here to help you live your best life.


Why choose us

Srujan Maternity & Nursing Home is the premier provider of high-quality maternity and nursing services in Pune. Our experienced team of obstetricians, gynecologists, nurses, dieticians, and other health professionals provide quality care for all stages of pregnancy and beyond. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for expecting mothers, newborns, families, and their support systems.

  • Highly trained Obstetricians & Gynec professionals!
  • Every patient is given personalized attention & care during the treatment.
  • One-to-one interaction between Dr. Manisha Risbud & patients throughout the treatment.
  • Well equipped with modern medical facilities & approachable staff.
  • Patients don’t have to go through administrative hassles, inordinate delays & discrepancies in billings, unlike multi-specialty hospitals.
  • All cases treated at Srujan receive complete privacy.
  • We also provide insurance reimbursement.
  • PMC-approved center for performing all kinds of obstetric & gynecology sonography.
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Infrastructure Facilities

Srujan Maternity & Nursing Home is well equipped with modern & state-of-the-art medical equipment required for all Obstetric & Gynec treatments.

  • Special care is been taken for hygiene requirements
  • In-house USG (Ultra Sonography Machine)
  • It has private & cleanly maintained rooms with attached toilets
  • Electricity backup with generator and UPS
  • Located in salubrious surroundings for post-ops recovery
  • Ample parking space for patient’s relatives & visitors
  • Affiliation with diagnostic centers and blood banks for quick testing & emergency requirements
  • All Consumables used at Srujan are of good quality standards

What Our Patients Say About Us

Take a look at what our patients say about us!


“Dr Manisha Risbud is a truly knowledgeable person. We were carrying twins and were at a risk of premature babies. Dr Manisha guided us the right way and was always supporting us through out the journey. She helped us deliver successfully. She is more than a doctor. She is like a family member. She is an example of why we equate doctors with God 🙏”

Harshad Chaudhari

Dr. Manisha Risbud

M.D. (BOM), D.G.O. F.C.P.S.

Dr. Manisha Risbud is an accomplished obstetrician & gynecologist with 28 years of experience. Srujan Maternity & Nursing Home was founded by Dr. Manisha Risbud and Dr. Neelesh Risbud with a focus on providing exceptional patient care and clinical excellence. Dr. Manisha Risbud has handled & supervised the delivery of over 1500 babies at Srujan Maternity & Nursing Home!

Compassionate Gynecology Services Tailored To Your Needs

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